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The Original                                 Story

Your dog is family. We get it.

Years ago, Gracie — a sweet albino Great Dane with big blue eyes — was in terrible health.

Gracie wasn’t just a pet; she was family. This furry family member refused to eat any food her parents brought home. That is when Dan and Mark began their quest to make nutritious food and treats that Gracie and her sisters would love.  Soon word got out and before too long dogs all over Kansas City were craving the homemade treats.

Ever since, Three Dog Bakery has been baking fresh, premium dog food and treats that dogs love and dog parents feel great about.  What started with a love for Gracie the Great Dane has grown into a love for dogs around the world.

San Clemente

Denise and her daughter Lauren were passionate about their dogs. After years of being a dedicated customer of Three Dog Bakery in San Clemente which opened in 2006 they decided to purchase the store in 2012.  It was the perfect opportunity to blend their love of dogs with their love of sharing quality dog food and products.

Their passion for dogs, a love of family and a strong desire to give back to the community have been serving pups and their families since 2012. They find a deep sense of joy to be able to share their passion with the San Clemente dog community.

Discount Clubs 

Good Dog Club – Get points for every $5 spent at Three Dog Bakery San Clemente up to $50 and receive $5 fo our freshed baked treats for FREE! ( Bakery items only )

Good Dog Food Discount Clubs – Buy 10 bags of dog food and receive the 11th for FREE!. Discounts given by brand: Three Dog Bakery, Acana and Fromms. 

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