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Boredom Busters for Your Dog

Are you coming home to a big mess, or find yourself talking to Fido on a regular basis on how not to chew on your living room furniture? Dogs who are bored usually are feeling anxious and frustrated tend to act out their boredom in various ways such as: destructive chewing, excessive barking, constant digging, eating trash, overly hyper greetings, trying to escape, pawing incessantly, lethargic or chewing on themselves.

Here are some expert tips on ways to help your dog get through those hours of boredom while you are away and keep your house and mind in one piece.

1. Interactive and food stuffed toys: Freeze some peanut butter in a stuffable toy or turn a muffin tin upside down with treats so they have to nudge the tin to get treats.

2. Scavenger Hunts: Hide treats and food stuffed toys before you leave the house

3. Entertain them with music or tv while you are gone for the day

4. Change your walking routine to give them new smells and places

5. Give them a job to do

6. More dog park visits

7. Rotate toys

8. Doggie massage

Remember dogs are pack animals who require constant companionship, attention and stimulation. Watch for the signs and make some changes for a healthier, happier dog!

#Boredom #Depression

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