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5 NEW YEAR resolutions for you and your dog.

We aren’t the only ones who should be ringing in the New Year with some goals. Here are 5 New Year resolution ideas for you and your dog.

I promise you an annual checkup. One appointment a year with a vet can save your dog’s life.

I promise you more social time with other dogs. By giving your dog more social time you are helping them learn what is appropriate behavior in various situations. Social time also lowers anxiety when they are faced with something new such as large groups of people, new animals, elevators, car travel, etc.

I promise to teach you more. Teaching your dog new commands & tricks improves your bond, improves their confidence and provides them fun and stimulating mental exercise.

I promise to help you loose weight. Studies have shown that thinner dogs live longer. Here are some ways to help your dog loose weight:

1. Calculate Calories

2. Stop using “keep the food bowl full method” and measure their meals.

3. Stop “guilt’ treating because you leave them home alone, give treats because they have earned them.

4. Many breed are prone to certain diseases and ailments so choose some smart supplements for prevention measures.

I promise to exercise you at least 5 times a week. Give the gift of health to you and your dog. Studies have shown that people who regularly walk their dogs are more likely to be in better physical shape. Here are different types of walks you can do.

1. Purposeful walk - short and sweet, like taking a potty break.

2. Mentally stimulating walk - allows your dog to stop, sniff, investigate and learn more about the world around them.

3. Power walk - these fast paced 30+ min walks keep weight in check and alleviates degenerative joint diseases.

4. Training walk - Use this time to improve leash manners and sharpen up on their obedience commands.


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