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Why Three Dog Bakery Rawhides are the best choice.

We sometimes forget that our dogs are carnivorous creatures, who in the wild, would consume entire animals including the skin and bones. So it’s not a far stretch to think they would like rawhides. In fact, dogs not only love to chew they need to chew for oral health and mental stimulation.

In the 1950’s, rawhides were introduced as chews for dogs. Rawhides are made from animal skin that has been split into an inner and outer layer. The tougher outer layer is used for leather shoes, garments, and upholstery, while the softer inner layer is cut and formed into different shapes for dog chews.

It’s important to understand how your rawhide has been treated and where it comes from. Most rawhides have been treated with preservatives and harsh chemicals. This treatment allows the hides to be transported long distances without the need for refrigeration. Once at the processing plant, they are covered with cleaning agents and chemicals to prepare the hides for mass production. They are then cut into smaller pieces and glued into various sizes and shapes. To enhance the look and the taste of the rawhides they are color dyed and treated with flavorings. This heavy processing and harsh chemical treatments cause the rawhides to be dry, brittle, toxic and unsafe.

Rawhides should not be brittle, but they should be thick and stiff requiring your dog’s saliva ( and determination ) to moisten, breakdown and soften the rawhide so it is torn apart, not broken apart.

With so many rawhides available, how do you know which one to choose? Three Dog Bakery chooses high quality rawhides that are made in the USA. Each rawhide is made with 100% thick beef hides. They are prepared with no harmful preservatives or chemicals and are hand braided and air dried creating a thick and safe chewable rawhide.