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Is Peanut butter a dog treat you can trust?

The answer is yes. We all know that dogs go crazy for peanut butter. Peanut butter is a high nutritional value treat and is also a handy way to get medicine down. Or better yet, freeze some in a kong and watch the hours go by.

Peanut butter can be added to your regular dog food as a food supplement, because it contains Vitamin E , Vitamin H, healthy fats, niacin and vitamin B. As a grain free food, it provides more Omega-3 fatty acids and oils that keep your dog’s coat thick, healthy and shiny.

It can also help in strengthening of the nails. Vitamin E helps your dog’s immune system, to help him fight against diseases, illnesses and sickness. Even though we highly recommend peanut butter at Three Dog Bakery San Clemente there are a few things for you to be aware of so you choose the best brand for your dog.

1. Choose an organic, raw, unsalted peanut butter.

2. Make sure you are NOT using a sugar-free or lite peanut butter as they most likely contain artificial sweeteners that are toxic to dogs, such as xylitol “xyl”. Other names for xylitol are 1,4-Anhydro-D-xylitol, xylite, anhydroxylitol, D-xylitol, and xylitylglucoside. Small amounts can be deadly and symptoms can include rapid drop in blood sugar, diarrhea, staggering, seizures and liver failure.

3. Moderation is key. Only give healthy amounts to your dog as it can quickly add on pounds.

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